Searching For Balance

December 21, 2014

Friday was rough.  My blood sugar was all over the place (although always under 200, so not worrisome given the fact that I was sick).

Yesterday, I felt a lot better.  I managed to eat something for every mealtime.  (That would be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack.)  I didn’t hit the minimum for any of the big meals, but was right around the minimum for all three snacks.  But I felt mostly okay, and my blood sugar was beautiful.

But I try to be a compliant patient.  This morning, my fasting blood sugar was perfect.  My post-breakfast blood sugar was perfect.  And then I had lunch.  I’m supposed to eat 45-55 carbs for lunch and dinner.  I had 47 carbs for lunch.  And I felt sick as I was trying to eat that much food.  And my blood sugar?  It was high.  And it kind of pisses me off that I only ate 38 carbs for lunch yesterday and had perfect blood sugar two hours later, but when I was a good girl and ate within the range I was told to, I wound up with a reading that was too high.  Not to mention feeling like I want to vomit…  (I still feel nauseated, but the Zofran is keeping the vomiting at bay.)  I will not be attempting to eat 45 carbs for dinner tonight.

And the other frustrating thing is that my insurance requires that I use a durable medical supply company, so I can’t just go to Walgreens.  So all of the paperwork, the prescription, my insurance info, all that fun stuff, was supposed to be submitted to a mail order company on Thursday, and they should have called me on Friday.  This is pretty similar to the company I got my fertility meds from, so I know the drill.  I haven’t heard from them yet.  I don’t have enough testing strips to get me to my next appointment with Wendy.  And I really don’t want to go to Walgreens and pay out of pocket for something my insurance covers.

I’m just ready for it to be over.  And it’s too soon for that.  It’s too soon medically, and it’s too soon logistically.  Courtney really needs to be back at work before I have this baby.  And, obviously, I need to be a lot farther along than 30 weeks, 3 days.  (Duh.  I need to be 39 weeks, 1 day because that’s already on the calendar.)  But getting this GD balanced out really sucks.

P.S. For the record, I did not go and throw up when I finished my last post.  I felt kind of like it, but I didn’t.  I did throw up Saturday morning, but that was NVP.  I got a tickle in my throat right next to my gag reflex, and, well…  At least I threw up before taking my morning NVP drugs, so I didn’t have to worry about them coming back up!


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  1. Maria

    Your pregnancy diet sounds a little like our ED meal plans with required meals and snacks… At least nobody made you talk about your feelings after every meal (I can imagine the answer was “barfy”)

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