Stress I Didn’t Need

December 23, 2014

I feel better than I did Thursday night. I definitely feel better than I did Friday morning. But I still don’t feel great. I’d say my nausea is running around an 8 right now. The Zofran is working well enough to keep me from actually vomiting, but it’s not keeping me from feeling sick. Plus I feel a bit dehydrated, as though I may be drinking enough for the day but not enough to make up for the fluids I lost over the weekend.

And yesterday… Yesterday really could have been better. I felt sick all day. I felt like I was having this one big long (we’re talking hours here) Braxton-Hicks contraction. And I went home a bit early because I still didn’t feel good and had taken care of the most urgent work. And I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt the baby move.

I cried on the phone to my mom who told me to call the clinic and that she was coming to pick me up. We both rationally knew that everything was probably fine, but it was better to check and be reassured of that than to lie on my sofa and worry.

Suzy was great when I called. She commented that I must be about due for another appointment, and I sobbed that it wasn’t for another week. She told me I was absolutely to come in for an NST immediately. And if I got to the clinic too much after 4, I should just take myself to Labor & Delivery and they would run an NST there.

We were a little later getting to the clinic than we’d hoped, but it was still early enough to run the NST there. And Dr Winter was on call, so he stuck his head in to read the results and reassure me that everything was okay. (Yes, the baby decided to learn to hula while I was lying there. Couldn’t have done that while I was at work. No. That would have been too easy.)

So far today has been better. My fasting blood sugar was 95, but I really did feel dehydrated when I woke up, plus I was still really nauseated. So not quite a perfect number, but pretty darn close considering how I felt. Now to just make it through a couple more hours at work before I take myself home to curl up on the sofa.

Yes, baby has been much better behaved today. Only 58 days and 18 hours left to go. But who’s counting?


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