T-55 Days

December 26, 2014

  1. The biggest thing making me happy today is that Wendy seriously hooked me up with testing supplies.  The office is closed until Monday, so even if my supplies did arrive today, they weren’t delivered.  And there was no note from the postie that he was unable to deliver a package, so I can pick it up at the post office.  But it’s okay because Wendy made sure I had plenty to get me through the weekend.
  2. I’m also really happy that it’s Friday.  The holiday makes this a weird work week.  And since I didn’t have to work yesterday, I was sure today was a Monday.  And it’s not.
  3. I counted up the number of work days I have left.  I’m down to 34.5.  And I don’t care how much work needs to get done in those 34.5 days, I’m just relieved that there are so few work days between now and my C-section.
  4. For Lent, Madge and Dorcas have given up underwires, and they’ve convinced me to give up my alarm clock.  (Shh.  Don’t tell them that Lent doesn’t start until February.)  I’ll still wake up around 6:30 most days and get to work at my usual time, but if I happen to sleep in a bit, so be it.
  5. My parents bought me three nursing nighties, one with a matching robe, so I’m well set on nightwear and something that won’t choke me while I’m in the hospital.
  6. My mom knit me an awesome new ’20s-inspired hat.  (And she had yarn that I can use to make myself some matching fingerless mitts.)  I got my boobs and my fashion sense from my Great-Grandma Mary who was a flapper.  For real.  Most women in the ’20s weren’t, despite what Hollywood would have you believe, but Grandma Mary was.
  7. My in-law-in-laws, Rose and Jon, gave me a Marmite-infused chocolate bar.  I definitely won’t be trying that until March.  But I have a frightening thought that it’s going to be rather good.
  8. And, of course, this week marks the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce.  NPR had this beautiful report about it.  I highly recommend listening so that you can hear the oral history clips.  It’s a pity the commanders didn’t have as much sense as the privates.

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