December 29, 2014

First things first.  Yes, my testing supplies arrived.  Hopefully, this means I’m fully supplied for as long as I need to be.  One thing I no longer need to stress about.

I saw Dr Moser today because neither Lori nor Dr Winter had appointments available this week.  Actually, I might have been able to see one of them if I hadn’t also needed another ultrasound to get that last elusive heart view.  Diana was on vacation, so an ultrasound tech from over at the hospital was filling in.  And the wee one decided to be cooperative today.  At least when it came to imaging the aorta.  It was snuggled so close to the uterine wall that it was hard to get good face pictures, but we did see it stick its tongue out, which was adorable.  (The 2d images were far superior to the 3d images today.)

Dr Moser wasn’t concerned with my blood sugar numbers… yet.  In his experience, the farther along a woman gets, the larger her placenta gets, the more hormones the placenta throws out, the higher the insulin resistance.  So he thinks my borderline numbers are going to get higher.  But I got the sense that he found a fasting number under 100 to be acceptable.  Considering how dehydrated I’ve felt overnight for the past week, I think those numbers are okay.  I’m really trying to drink more than 8 cups of water (or, you know, peppermint tea) every day, but the nausea sometimes makes it hard to swallow.

And speaking of the nausea, I’ve decided to go back to B6 injections for the duration.  It’s only 7 more weeks (52 days, but who’s counting?), and they seem to be more effective than the B6 pills.  Add in the fact that the B6 pills taste disgusting and, therefore, are the hardest pill I have to swallow (including the horse pills that are prenatal vitamins), and this seems like a good switch.  Dr Moser said that he didn’t think crystallized ginger should cause any blood sugar issues, so I’ll keep some of that on hand, too.  I got a B6 injection at my appointment today, and haven’t taken a Zofran since then.  That’s the longest I’ve gone in days.

The most amusing part of today’s appointment was when Dr Moser very sheepishly tried to explain that I have Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) without offending me or hurting my feelings.  He looked relieved when I jumped in and told him that I already knew I was old.  Because of my AMA, he said they were going to start doing regular testing, an ultrasound and a non-stress test every week.  You read that correctly.  Each of them.  Every week.  Not one this week and the other the next.  Both of them every week.  We made him repeat that a couple of times just to make sure we’d heard correctly.  So I now have all of my appointments from now through February 20 scheduled.  Two every week, starting next Monday.  It was a little overwhelming.  And yet at the same time, I was surprised that the printout of all of my appointments wasn’t longer.  I only have 14 more.  And that’s including just going in for a B6 on Friday of this week.

I think a lot of deep breaths are on order.


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