T-34 Days

January 16, 2015

  1. I’ve been having the weirdest dreams.  I was going to share the latest, but I think they might merit a blog post all their own.  Just to give you the highlights, the latest involved snowshoeing up snow-covered stairs, down carpeted stairs (yes, we were inside), and across a beach.
  2. I saw Lori yesterday.  She said that, despite the fact that the wee one is currently measuring about a week behind, everything is still proportional, and there is clearly a genetic propensity for small babies in my family.  She also scoffed at the fact that Dr Moser told me that I wasn’t allowed to see a midwife for the remainder of my pregnancy.  If I remember correctly, I see Dr Winter next week, and she said to talk to him about changing my appointments back so that I can keep seeing her.  And she wrote down the date and time of my section so that she can put it on her schedule.  I’m pretty sure she’s planning to scrub in, and I will be very happy to have her there.  She also laughed when I told her that my nausea was controlled.  Clearly, her definition of control is different than mine.  Mine means not having to take 2-3 Zofran every day.  Hers appears to be “no more nausea.”  If only…
  3. A combination of sleep and B6 injections appear to be the ticket for keeping my blood sugar controlled.  Four weeks down without medication.  Fingers crossed that it continues this way!
  4. I made a lot of progress on our ACCME Progress Report this week.  It’s due in March, so I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the month.  None of it is very difficult; it’s just a lot of detail work.
  5. There was a wonderful interview on Here & Now about PTSD.  One of the things that I liked most about it was that the interviewee discussed the various sorts of trauma that can result in PTSD.  Because of the wars, we’re so focused on war trauma, and I sometimes feel as though people think of PTSD as something soldiers get.  The other big takeaway is that his research is finding that yoga is one of the best treatments for PTSD.  I really can’t do much yoga these days.  It hurts too much to try to get down to the floor.  But this is a definite incentive to do more yoga when I can once again move a bit more easily.
  6. And I’m not sure that it’s right to say that this article on grief makes me happy since I sobbed when I read it, but it really is excellent.  It is very affirming of the way I’ve grieved, and continue to grieve, Sofia’s death.  And while it focuses on those of us who lost a child, the same holds true for the loss of any loved one.  There are still times that I’m very sad.  And that’s okay.

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