T-26 Days

January 24, 2015

For those of you who are paying attention, yes, it’s not Friday as I write this.  I got home late enough on Friday that I all I wanted to do was crash, so I didn’t write this yesterday.  The saga will be below.

  1. One of the best things about this week is that I had a four-day weekend.  The office was closed on Monday for the MLK holiday.  And since I had both a dentist appointment and an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, plus it was my dad’s birthday, I took the day off.  It was wonderful.  (We’ll ignore the fact that my mom and I both managed to make mittens that were too small for him.  He still liked them despite the fact we took them back to be made the right size.  And then we swore never to make surprise mittens for him again.  Clearly, we need him to try them on while in progress.)
  2. My blood sugar has been just about perfect all week.  The only high was from a meal that was new and won’t be served again.  And that was still just a borderline high.
  3. I have our progress report for the ACCME about half finished and should be able to finish it completely within the next couple of weeks.  I have less than 20 work days left, and I feel like I’m making progress on the things that are due in March and, therefore, need to be done before I go on leave in February.  (I do apologize to all the DD Conference people out there.  I really had hoped to help Courtney more while she was on leave, but I kept getting hit with deadlines more urgent than hers.)
  4. The wee one actually moved a bit during this week’s ultrasound.  Sure, it was to put both hands and a foot in front of its face, but that’s more movement than we usually get.  (It usually decides ultrasound time equals naptime.)
  5. And then there was Friday…  Bear with me because this really will turn into something that made me VERY happy this week.  I was supposed to see Dr Moser again this week.  And I really didn’t want to.  Not with a couple of high blood sugar readings, borderline though they may be.  He was just so drug happy when I saw him two weeks ago.  My appointment was at 4, so I needed to be there by 3:30 for an NST.  They were a little late calling me back, so it was probably around 3:45 that we finally started the test.  And, of course, the baby decided it was the perfect time for a nap.  After a bit, one of the nurses came and offered me some juice or ice water to try to perk it up.  Of course, I can’t have juice.  And, as you may recall, flat water makes me sick these days.  Especially when I’ve been reclined for however long.  And it’s nearing time for me to take my anti-nausea meds.  And I’m due for a B6 injection.  But I had some pretzels in my bag and choked some of them down.  Babe responded appropriately and wriggled and wiggled and kicked for a few minutes.  And then got the hiccups.  And then went back to sleep.  And then the nurse came back and took the test paper for Dr Moser to read.  And then came back to say that there wasn’t an exam room available.  She did let me sit up, although I had to stay strapped to the monitor.  Finally, around 4:30, I was taken to an exam room.  The nurse gave me my B6 and said that I was also getting my strep B test today.  And after she left and I was sitting without my pants on with the paper sheet over my legs, I said to my mom, “I wish Lori could have just done this when we saw her last week.”  And we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And finally, around 5, there was a tap at the door, and who should come in?  Lori!  She’d finished with her patients and was just working on her charts, so the nurse had asked if she could just go and take care of the rest of my appointment since Dr Moser still hadn’t gotten to me.  She was more than pleased with my sugars.  And it meant someone I’m comfortable with did the strep B swabs.  And even though we wound up at the clinic for more than two hours, I was very happy to have seen my midwife this week instead of a substitute OB.
  6. And I can’t forget today.  Sheri and I met for coffee today.  We had a lovely visit, and she proved herself most knit-worthy.  Not only did she love her mitts (which I knew she would), she put them on when we were leaving.  And we’re still looking at having a henna party before the baby comes.  I see Dr Winter on Tuesday, so I’ll ask him if it’s okay to have my belly tattooed.  We’re hoping that at least the upper part will be acceptable since that’s nowhere near where the incision will be.  We haven’t seen each other in ages, and it was wonderful to just hang out for a couple of hours.

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