T-20 Days

January 30, 2014

  1. Dr Winter was being shadowed by an NP student this week.  He (the student) said that my blood sugars were the best he’s ever seen.  I knew they were fine, but that was a lovely comment to hear since there were a few borderline highs on the sheet.  And I continue to be pleased that Dr Winter is my OB.  He’s very reassuring, and I feel safe with him.  And you all know that that’s a big huge thing.
  2. Wee one was relatively cooperative at today’s ultrasound.  We were able to see breathing right off the bat.  Today’s measurement was 5 lbs, 11 oz.  I’m not sure what the margin of error is at 36 weeks, but I know that it increases the farther along one gets, so I think that baby still won’t be too big when it arrives.  My mom and I did have to laugh, though, because 5 lbs, 11 oz is almost as big as I was when I was born.
  3. I checked with Dr Winter about whether or not it would be okay to have my belly tattooed at my henna party.  He pointed out that betadyne is about the same color.  He was, however, concerned about ruining the design with the incision.  At any rate, a henna party is a go.  Sheri is graciously going to handle the artistic side of things, and my mom is already invoking our grandmothers.  It should be a lovely few hours.
  4. A colleague passed me in the hall this week and commented that this pregnancy has almost doubled my size.  I laughed and agreed.  (Yes, I was in the right frame of mind to find it humorous.  Obviously, that sort of comment isn’t always appreciated.)
  5. I’ve had Miss Saigon stuck in my head for some reason, so I pulled out the CDs and have been listening to it in the car when I don’t feel like having NPR on.  It’s been a while since I’ve listened to it.  I wouldn’t say that I’d forgotten a lot of it because I can still sing along with everything just fine, but I definitely need the album to remind me of what comes next.  The wee one seems to be enjoying it, especially the dirtier bits, but I’m not sure it’s been the right choice for the momma.  The confrontation between Kim and Thuy after she introduces him to Tam left me sobbing, and not because of how it ends.  The whole “you will not touch him / don’t touch my boy / he’s what I live for / he’s my only joy” section has never been more heartbreaking for me.  But I’m still enjoying it.
  6. And finally, a little bit of NPR that made me happy this week was that Joan Chittister was on Here & Now this week.  Yes, I have had the pleasure of meeting her before.  (I’ve met Helen Prejean, too, while we’re speaking of feisty sisters.)  I love that she articulates my feelings about the Church’s treatment of women so well.  I highly recommend listening to the interview, but if you just read the highlights, you’ll see the quotes that made me smile.

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