T-12 Days

February 7, 2015

  1. I only have three more appointments before the big day — two more ultrasounds and one NST/provider appointment.
  2. I got the last dose of B6 yesterday.  I don’t mean my last dose.  Don’t be silly.  I mean the last dose that the clinic had available.  Which is good because my appointment was the end of the day on a Friday.  There was no way I could make it to another clinic, and it would have been a long weekend with lots of Zofran. (Yes, I’m writing this on Saturday.  By the time I got home yesterday, I was just about ready to crash.)
  3. My blood sugars have been so good that Dr Winter actually asked if I was cheating.  No, of course not!  I’m terrified of what will happen if I do.  I don’t want a ginormous baby!
  4. Discussion of cheating led to discussion of the foods I’m looking forward to being able to eat again.  Namely sushi.  And we spent at least five minutes of my appointment talking about how hard it is to go nine months without eating sushi and bemoaning the closing of Sushiya.
  5. My first post about Dr Winter went live, which led to the realization that he’s married to one of my high school classmates.  (Yes, Christine, I did have to look at your Facebook page to figure out who you were talking about.  I’d forgotten that Stephanie went into nursing.)
  6. Our ACCME Progress Report will be ready to ship on Monday.  That’s the last absolutely-must-get-done-by-me project.  Now I just have a couple of rough drafts to take care of so that Dr Z can make edits and Courtney or Melanie can type up his changes while I’m gone.
  7. My hospital bag is packed except for the few things such as my phone and iPad that have to wait until the last minute.
  8. There was this awesome diatribe about coverage of the measles outbreak by Bob Garfield on On the Media.  Yes, some commenters think he was a bit misogynistic when talking about Jenny McCarthy, but I understood him to be criticizing the media for letting the fact that she’s telegenic lead them to create a debate on vaccines when the science on them is sound with decades of proof to support it.
  9. I feel like I’m missing something…  No clue what it might be, so obviously, it wasn’t important.  Wait!  I remember.  I’ve actually slept okay the past week.  I don’t really remember sleeping, but when I look at the clock, I realize I must have been because I know I wasn’t lying there awake for so long.
  10. And finally, my latest weird pregnancy dream.  Dr Winter decided to tell us the gender by drawing the baby’s genitals on a diaper using a Sharpie.  A disposable diaper.  And he was a terrible artist.  So we couldn’t tell what it was he’d tried to draw.  Bizarrely funny.  Even more so when, at my appointment, he asked how I wanted to be told the gender, which was met with a blank stare from both me and my mom.  We hadn’t thought about it.  My mom told him about my dream.  He thought it was funny, too.  We told him that he could just say, that there was nothing in my birth plan about how or who.

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