TMI Happiness

February 27, 2015

Of course, this entire blog has been TMI, but consider yourself warned.

  1. My stool softener is making me happy.  They give it to you because of the morphine, but post-abdominal surgery, it really hurts to have to push.  So I am very happy to keep taking it while the incision heals.
  2. I had a fairly pleasant trip to the Breastfeeding Center at Bronson.  You’ll recall I tried to buy bras from them when I was pregnant with Sofia, and they told me I wasn’t pregnant enough.  They did tell me that I wasn’t post-partum enough to buy a hands-free pumping bra, but then they backed off when I said that I needed to pump because my daughter wasn’t feeding well.  
  3. My new hands-free pumping bustier is making me happy.  In fact, I’m pumping as I write this.  Despite what the women at Bronson thought, it fits just fine, and it’s not closed to the smallest setting.  Plus, it’s a simple alteration should it become too big.
  4. I’m incredibly grateful to my parents for all the help they’re giving me.  I absolutely could not do this without them.
  5. I can knit and pump at the same time.  This is good because my cousin had her baby on the 23rd.  I now only have five upcoming babies to knit for.  (I’m not counting this new cousin because I’ve already cast on her gift.)

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