March 2, 2015

I was a little disappointed to be moved to a 3rd floor postpartum room instead of to one on the 6th floor.  I’d kind of hoped to see my nurses from when Sofia was born.  They’d already shared my sorrow; I wanted them to share my joy, too.  (There is a logic to moving C-section patients to 3.  There is no bathtub to negotiate, just a walk-in shower with a bench.)  The chances that an L&D nurse would be able to get away for a visit seemed slim.

But then my mom ran into Tanya in the hall.  She was the nurse who carried Sofia to the morgue.  She was the nurse who took me out to the car when I was finally discharged.  And she’d been assigned to cover a shift on 3.  She did say that everyone up on 6 knew I was there, that they said hello, and that they didn’t want to intrude.  (Not that they had time.  The aforementioned baby boom happened that night.)

Lori stopped by, too, of course.  She just couldn’t make her schedule work to scrub in for the surgery, but when she was the midwife on service, she came down to check in and meet Anna.  Good thing, too, since she wasn’t available for my 6-week follow-up!

And Sue stopped by.  My mom and I were glad to see that she was still there.  After Sofia died, she’d thought about quitting midwifery altogether.  She came back a second time when she found out Anna and I hadn’t been discharged yet.  Therapeutic all around.

So I didn’t see everyone.  I’m not sure if all of my nurses are still on staff.  And if they are, who knows what their schedules are.  And even if they had a shift, they were most likely swamped with patients of their own.  But it was nice to see some of the people who had been there before.

And everyone agreed.  Anna looks an awful lot like her big sister.


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