The Groundhog Lies

March 4, 2015

I have already taught Anna this important lesson.  At least here in Michigan, the groundhog lies.  Or at the very least, “spring is coming soon” means “six more weeks of winter”.  Because here, there’s always six more weeks of winter following Groundhog Day.

And the big issue with babies and winter is that snowsuits and carseats don’t mix.  But when one has a well baby visit on a day that it’s -8 outside, one has little choice but to take the baby out into the cold.  Sure, babies have survived colder weather with fewer creature comforts, but it was also acceptable to dress your baby in fur.  And there were no cars, and therefore no carseats.

My SIL unwittingly gave us the perfect outfit.  She took Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket and added legs.  It’s the perfect size for right now.  It’s wicked warm, but it’s also fairly thin, so we can tighten the straps in the carseat without any issues.  Jane hadn’t been thinking of carseats when she made it, but it’s exactly what we needed.

As for inside, lots of swaddling, long-sleeve onesies, and booties.  And at night, Anna gets a second hand-knit swaddle snapped around everything else.  We all seem to be surviving, but we’re also looking forward to the warmer weather promised for next week.

Yay, upper 30s!

That’s right.  This is still Michigan, after all.


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