The Opinionated Child

March 11, 2015

You already know Anna’s take on breastfeeding.  She has now weighed in on the debate between cloth and dispoasable diapers.  Since we had diaper service, she has, of course, voted for disposables.

Not too long after getting home, Anna got a bad diaper rash.  Boudreaux’s Butt Paste helped, but it wasn’t until we put her in the disposables that were leftover from the hospital that it really cleared up.  Significantly.  Quickly. But we had diaper service.  So my mom quickly whipped off a couple of wool soakers to use as diaper covers.  (More on that shortly.)  And the rash came back.  Quickly.  Significantly.  So back to disposables it was, and the rash is almost gone.  Diaper service has been canceled.

This has also led to the discovery that my daughter is, apparently, part cat.  She wore the first soaker through one diaper change.  During that first diaper change, she expressed her displeasure by peeing on it.  And now we’re looking at what brand of disposables to use.  We’ve tried Pampers and Luvs, and we had a sample of Huggies.  I’d no sooner gotten that one sample under her bum when she peed on it.  If she hadn’t already peed on the soaker, it wouldn’t have been so funny when she repeated the act on the new diaper.

Yes, my child is not quite three weeks old.  But she clearly has a mind of her own.


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