Happiness Catch-up

March 13, 2015

  1. I’m starting to get caught up on my Smithsonian reading again.  (I kind of hadn’t read anything since January…  I’m now into the March 2012 issue.  My goal is to read at least one article every day.  Takes about two weeks to read an issue, so I got through a couple of years’ worth of issues last year.)
  2. And I’m trying to get caught up on reading blog posts, too.  This would be easier if I didn’t keep getting a bunch of “new” NPR posts that are actually old.  Sure, it’s fast to skip by them, but that’s still time that could be spent reading new posts.  But I have few enough now that Feedly no longer tells me I have “499+” to read.
  3. Anna and I went to visit friends at the Civic yesterday.  We hadn’t seen Aunt Nicki (that would be awnt, not ant, per Nicki’s request) since Anna was three days old.  And, obviously, no one else at the Civic had met her yet.  But we got to see Barb and Mike, and then we went over to the main stage and saw Lynn and Kristen.  And we ran into Ben in the kitchen on our way to Preston’s office.  Village assembly has officially begun.  I have at least three friends/families who live very close and who are all happy to watch Anna while I do little things like sleep or shower.  (Thanks, Preston, Meredith, and Julie & Asa!)
  4. Since I am getting caught up on blogs, I have NPR galore to share.  First there was this interesting report about how gerbils (not rats) may have been responsible for the Black Death.
  5. Then there was this interesting report about eyelashes.  I’ve been watching Anna’s eyelashes grow, so it was particularly interesting.  (Hers appear to be red, BTW.)
  6. And what collection of NPR posts is complete without one from Linda Holmes?  In this post, she interviews a regular watch about the Apple Watch.
  7. Jordan Klepper continues to rock on The Daily Show.  He had a brilliant field report about Florida physicians being banned from discussing gun safety.
  8. And finally, John Lewis was on The Daily Show this week to discuss the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and Selma.  It was a wonderful interview.  I highly recommend watching it.  The first act was good, too, but if you watch nothing else, at least watch the two parts of the on-air interview with John Lewis.  Part one is hereAnd part two is here.

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