The First Night

March 14, 2015

Well, Anna and I both seem to have survived our first night solo.  It went pretty well, all things considered.  She is, after all, only three weeks old.  One can only expect so much sleep…

But she slept in her cot crib (she’s going to be bilingual… my parents and I keep using both British and American terms for things) until around 3.  At that point she was fussy and would only stay asleep when I was rocking her.  Good for her, not so good for me.  That was when I decided that I would put her in the co-sleeper with the vibration turned on.

Now let me tell you, the vibration is particularly loud when the co-sleeper is on the bed.  (This is the first time it’s actually been used as a co-sleeper and not a basinette.)  And it vibrates the entire bed.

But it worked.  She went back to sleep, and I went to sleep.  And we both slept until about 5.

It’s now 7:30.  I’m tired, and she’s starting to wake back up.  But I was able to pump.  (Which is good.  Skipped the midnight pumping session.  Soaked my nursing pads.  Nightgown will be going in the wash.)  And I’m dressed.  And I’ve had at least a few sips of coffee.  Hair is done.  Teeth have been brushed.  

I do think, however, I’ll ask for back-up tonight.  Don’t think I’m quite ready to do two nights in a row yet.

P.S. We went to Costco yesterday.  Just about did me in.  Took three ibuprofen and a two-hour nap to recover.  I might consider two nights in a row if I weren’t still trying to bounce back from walking a wee bit too much.



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2 responses to “The First Night

  1. First of ass – congratulations on your little Anna being healthy and home. Get all the rest you can – when you can – let others run errands for you, let them come over to give you an hour to yourself to read, snooze or crash! My niece in NZ gave birth to twin daughters,Cesarian also and she had a 3 and 4 year old daughters at home. True pioneer woman she did it all by herself as there was no one to help her out – her mother had just died. Always happy, always smiling, always joyful and those little kids are the happiest, outgoing little princesses ever! She did say she thought she would never get off the sofa – ever – as she was breast-feeding – but she handled things with grace! I am sure you will a good mum with lots of common sense who will take things in stride and instinctively know just what Anna needs – babies have a way of letting things be known! Sigh language is a boon to parents for sure and soothing for the little ones. Would love to see your little daughter when the weather warms up! God bless you, Anna and the grandparents! šŸ™‚ Hugs from the Hellers

  2. ummmm no idea how that ass got in there – it could have been a typo but it is Palm Sunday and Jesus rode in on an ass … slip of the fingers is no fault of the mind! ooops.

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