Random on a Saturday

March 21, 2015

  1. Anna seems to have enjoyed her first “concert”.  Today was the O’Brien Realty St. Patrick’s Day Party with our favorite Irish band: Whiskey Before Breakfast.  Other than being initially startled by me pounding on the table during “Wild Rover” (she got over it by the end of the song), she dozed contentedly through the first set.
  2. We went for a walk today and made it .8 miles, .3 miles more than last walk.  It’s a little awkward getting her arranged in the umbrella stroller, but it does allow me to walk a lot farther than if I’m wearing the sling.
  3. Anna’s birth certificate arrived today.  She now has a social security card and a birth certificate.  This feels a bit surreal.  Looks like a trip to the office is on the books for Monday!
  4. Last night, Dorcas pronounced her displeasure with wearing a bra 24/7 by escaping from both sleep bra and nightgown, even when I rolled over so that she’d no longer have gravity to assist her in this process.  Since I’ve been expressing less than an ounce (total, both girls) each pumping session, I’ve taken this as the final sign to just be done with it.  I’ve been getting tired of pumping anyway.  I’d rather have that time back to, say, go for a walk or do yoga or sleep.  Or, you know, actually feed my daughter.  Needless to say, when I took my bra off this evening, milk was practically pouring out of Madge.  If only she’d do that when I was expressing!  (And it didn’t last long…)  More power to the women who exclusively pump enough to feed their babies only breastmilk.  I am not one of them.  I knew that giving up pumping in the middle of the night would be the beginning of the end.  I didn’t expect the end to come quite this quickly, but that’s okay.  I’ll definitely be happier not trying to fit that into my schedule during those times that it’s just the two of us.

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