Bath Time

March 25, 2015

Anna had her first proper bath on Monday.  She’s had several sponge baths, but this was the first time she was in the bath seat in the sink.  Please enjoy the following dramatic reenactment.

Okay…  This is… interesting.  ACK!  THERE’S SOMETHING HARD OVER THERE.  No.  No, it’s okay.  Nonna’s got me.  Oh!  That’s kind of nice.  Warm on my belly.  Okay.  Okay.  Not bad.  NO!  MOM!  WHY DO YOU INSIST ON DOING THAT TO MY HEAD AND FACE?!?!?  NOW I’M WET!  I’M WET AND I’M COLD!  Why is the world so cruel?!?

Oooo… a nice warm Gpa to snuggle up with…


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