What’s Making Me Happy This Week

March 27, 2015

  1. Anna does not have congenital hypothyroidism.  I know.  That she even might have had it is news to you.  I was trying not to dwell on it while waiting to hear the results of her follow-up blood draw.  (Remember a while back that I said she had to go have a blood draw?  This is why.)
  2. Nurse Julie is awesome.  (Now for the rest of the story…)  We took Anna to the lab so that we’d have the results at her two-week follow up.  But the doctor hadn’t received the results yet.  They’d follow up, but it probably wouldn’t be until Monday.  Monday came and went.  A whole week passed.  A second week passed.  I called and left a message for the PA, asking for the results and a call back.  That was last Friday.  Wednesday morning, I called again.  I spoke with one of the nurses.  She said they’d requested the results from Borgess but hadn’t received them yet; she’d request them again.  Since I hadn’t heard anything by 4, I called again.  This time, I spoke with Julie.  Julie knows me.  She knows my entire family.  She knows what happened to Sofia.  Apparently, they’d been trying to get bilirubin results, not thyroid results.  When I told her what test we were waiting on, she looked at Anna’s record and said she was going to put me on hold while she had the doctor read them.  A few minutes later (seriously, less than five), she came back on the line to say that he was not concerned and Anna was deemed to be normal.  Thank you, Nurse Julie!!!
  3. I’m wearing regular pants, not maternity pants.  It’s very nice to have on pants that fit.
  4. Like most babies, Anna has started to lose the hair she was born with.  It looks like she has male-pattern baldness.  (I did find some of the hair today; it was inside her bonnet — which used to be my bonnet when I was her age.)
  5. I’ve given up pumping.  I don’t miss it.  Dorcas is totally cool with this.  Madge, on the other hand, as seen by my nursing pads, is saying, “No, guys, we got this!”
  6. And in case you missed it, please enjoy this Tom Hanks montage of his entire filmography.

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