Wait, There’s More!

April 4, 2015

I realized there was another C-section story I wanted to share.  And I forgot at least one thing for my happiness post yesterday.  (Wait, two.  I just remembered another!)

  1. Local bookstores rock.  I stopped by Bookbug on Wednesday to pick up a birthday present for my niece.  The book I wanted to give her was out of stock, but they were able to order it that day, and I got an email that it was in yesterday afternoon.  This will be the first big outing that’s just Anna and me.  (Going to Nonna and Gpa’s doesn’t count.)
  2. The reason I was out all by myself on Wednesday?  I got a pedicure.  Back when I was pregnant with Sofia, Amber gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure.  I finally cashed it in.  My toenails are now nice and short as well as green and sparkly.  This especially makes me happy because we’re off to Virginia soon, and there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be able to <gasp> wear sandals!
  3. It’s important for your bladder to be deflated when you have a C-section, so a catheter comes with the territory.  The nice thing is that they wait until after the spinal block to insert it, so you don’t feel a thing.  About six hours after the surgery, I suddenly thought, “I haven’t had to go to the bathroom in a really long time.  That’s odd.  I’ve had a ton to drink.”  And then I remembered.  Oh, right.  Something is taking care of that.

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