Dear ACCME, Having a Lovely Time, Wish You Weren’t Here

April 14, 2015

I knew what I was going to write about today.  And then I got a text from Courtney.  (Yes, I’ll still write what I’d planned.  Maybe tomorrow.)

Yes, the ACCME needed clarification on our Progress Report.  And I’m on leave.  And Dr Z is out of the office.  And Courtney doesn’t know what to say (nor should she).

And not only am I on leave, I’m still on vacation.  I’m not just out of the office.  I’m out of the state.  By several states.  I won’t be home until sometime Thursday afternoon (so effectively Friday).  And Anna has a well-baby check-up on Friday.  And Dr Z wants to go over this Thursday morning.

Courtney, bless her heart, scanned the files that had raised questions and emailed them to me so that I could see exactly what they were looking at.  And I did text her back.

But needless to say, there went my morning.  Hopefully Dr Z can take what I sent Courtney in reply and come up with something for her to type up and get submitted.

Now it’s nearing lunchtime.  The good news is that I’m writing this with a baby asleep on my lap.  She’s just flung her hand onto mine.  Attempting to help?  Is it too soon to start teaching touch-typing?

P.S. I’m not only still on leave, technically I’m still on disability.  It hasn’t been a full eight weeks yet.  Not until Friday.  I’m in a happy state of denial regarding the fact that I only have 4.5 weeks left of my leave.


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