Is This the Real Life?

Now that you’re spoiled by daily posts, the blog has caught up with the calendar.  Yes, this post is going up in real time.  Or, you know, once I finish writing and hit “publish”.

We’re home from Virginia.  I’m hoping Anna settles better tonight than she did last night.  She slept so much in the car that she couldn’t decide if she was restless or hungry or wanting to snuggle.  Today’s leg was short, so she played for quite a while this afternoon.  Now she’s nursing her way through a bottle.  (Took a break, so I decided to try writing…)

Hopefully the blog will stay in real time from here on out.  Obviously, none of us foresaw Sofia’s death, so I make no guarantees.  But barring major life events such as that I see no reason for the delay in posting to return.  This is the real life; it isn’t fantasy.


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