Fridays Are For Happy Lists

  1. Watching Anna snuggle with her Uncle Matt
  2. The new Zoo Mama Facebook group — a closed group created two days ago and already up to 109 members.  Clearly there’s a desire for a non-judgmental support system.  (Thanks for adding me, Sheri!  If you’re a mom in the Kalamazoo area and want to be added, let me know.)
  3. We have the Pack ‘n’ Play set up.  Anna is currently happily playing with her dangling toys.  Thanks, Aunt Cindy, for the use of it!  It was very clever of you to buy one in my color scheme six years ago.  😉
  4. My mom and I ate lunch outside.
  5. And I was wearing a tank top.
  6. And now for a large collection of links.  There’s this yoga for writers infographic.  (Thanks, Rams!)
  7. And this great post about what books teach us about women and romance.  (Thanks, Betsy!)
  8. I can’t remember who first posted/shared/commented on this post, but it’s a great post about C-sections.  All births are miracles, no matter which route the baby takes to get out.
  9. I love this video of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” choreography set to Shostakovitch.  Because.  (Thanks, Sheri!)
  10. And this great post about modern dance from The Jesuit Post.  (Thanks, Mom!)
  11. And now for the NPR links.  Ever wondered why European food doesn’t tend to be as heavily spiced as food from, say, India?  Yeah, me neither, but NPR answers that question nonetheless in this interesting article.
  12. Then there was this article about higher education for craft brewers, featuring none other than Western Michigan University’s new program.
  13. And, of course, a Linda Holmes post.  I can’t remember if I’ve shared this yet or not.  (This is what happens when I get behind in my blogs…  It was posted a month ago, but when exactly did I read it?)  If not, please enjoy this exploration of Cinderella and her sister stories.
  14. I’d also like to thank Linda Holmes for reviewing the new TV Land sitcom Younger.  It stars the delightful Sutton Foster.  Anna and I have enjoyed the first two episodes.  (It’s on Hulu if you’re interested.)
  15. NPR’s food blog looked at writing recipes using emoji.  Why not?  (At the very least, read the introduction.  It’s about eggplant.  It’s very funny.)
  16. And last, but definitely not least, the folks at NPR found the speed of light using Peeps.  Because they could.  And they had a lot of Peeps leftover after Easter.

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