What’s Making Me Happy This Week

  1. Clare, Nicki, and I had a late brunch (so that would be lunch, I guess) on Sunday.  It’s a lot of fun watching our three babies grow.  They were 8 weeks, 6 weeks, and 4 weeks this time.  And it was a lot of fun to talk about babies and theatre and the Stratemeyer Syndicate.
  2. I’m remembering that one of the things I love about the Cherry Ames books is that they don’t talk down to their readers.  I’m in the middle (okay, 50 pages in… so not really the middle yet…) of Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse.  A character who is dead when the book begins suffered a pulmonary thrombosis.  It takes at least ten pages before the phrase is translated from medical speak into “blood clot in the lung”, but they still don’t go into detail on why there was so little the doctor could do to save him.  I love books that might inspire young readers to read further!
  3. My pendant is at the jewelers to be reset with an additional stone for Anna.  Dropping it off took longer than it really should have, but I got to eavesdrop on some wonderful conversations while I was there.*
  4. For my relatives who get eaten alive by mosquitoes while the rest of us look on, research shows that there is more than mere anecdote to show that mosquitoes really do prefer some people over others.  It doesn’t necessarily make me happy, but it is interesting.
  5. This is a fascinating story about why fondue became so popular.
  6. And finally, one of my college professors posted this list of nerdy jokes.  They are super nerdy.  I find the majority of them to be hilarious.  Number nine made me laugh so hard that I found it difficult to read it aloud to share.

*In related not-happy things…  RIP Mr Morrison.  You will be missed!


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