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Gah! Where Has The Time Gone?

I know that I forgot to post last Friday.  Okay, so it’s not that I forgot.  I ran out of time.  And things were so busy over the weekend.  And then my parents went to visit their other grandkids (love you, girls!)…  I really have intended to post more frequently than just a list of what’s making me happy each Friday, but now that I’ve gone back to work there’s a whole new learning curve and rhythm to life.  I’m still trying to get it figured out.

So, I’d call this two weeks’ worth of happy things, but I know I won’t remember everything I wanted to share, so things will keep appearing in the future.

  1. Anna generally sleeps through the night.  Sure, Momma’s Little Alarm Clock woke up at 5:30 twice this week, but Momma’s Actual Alarm Clock goes off at 5:45, so Momma Really Can’t Complain.
  2. It is nice to be back at work.  It’s the little things such as this conversation with my boss.  Z – See you Monday!  Me – Are you sure about that?  Z (slowly as he realizes Monday is Memorial Day) – Nnnnoooo….  See you on Tuesday.
  3. We got to meet cousin Audrey on Saturday.  She’s four days younger than Anna and they have the same cry.  Thanksgiving is going to be interesting…
  4. On Saturday, Anna took the pacifier from my hand and chewed on it.  The outside, but I think that’s close enough for a three-month-old.
  5. My kid is three months old!  How did that happen?  (She’s currently chewing on one of the toys dangling from her playmat.  Yes.  She figured out how to get it to her mouth all by herself.)

And I think I have to leave it there.  Someone is wanting to eat!


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Back to Work, Happily

  1. I only had 1k+ unread emails.  Apparently GroupWise gives up counting once it hits 1000.  I’m down to 60+.
  2. Anna decided to sleep until 6.  I was able to get dressed, do my hair, brush my teeth, pack my lunch (and breakfast), do an Italian lesson…  This also meant she was all smiles when I took her out of her carseat at my parents’ house.
  3. For Mothers’ Day, I got a FitBit Zip.  That’s the little one that you can clip on your waistband or bra or wherever.  It only tracks steps, but that’s all I need a FitBit to do right now.  I’m in the midst of a couch-to-10k steps challenge. The creator recommends estimating that 5 minutes = 500 steps, which worked fine when the day’s goal was only 3000 steps.  But now that I’m up to 5500 (6000 tomorrow), it’s nice to not have to think about it.
  4. Someone at BuzzFeed made a “where are they now” for the Muppet Babies.  I’m rather partial to what Kermit has been up to.
  5. Jordan Klepper covered the UK election for the Daily Show.  I liked Part 2, better than Part 1, but both are worth watching.
  6. And finally, this made me both smile and cry.  It’s a list of suggestions for greeting cards for those who have lost a child.  (Even the ones that made me laugh made me cry.)  Thanks for sharing, Maria!

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The Last Day

I go back to work tomorrow.  I’m not really sure I’m ready.  Especially because Anna made it all the way onto her side earlier this morning.  Another inch and she’d have plopped onto her stomach.

It’s also the first day of the Medieval Congress.  I’d planned to go.  Put Anna in the mei tai.  Take turns with my parents on going to sessions versus watching the baby.  But it sounded exhausting.

Instead, Anna and I went to visit her day care.  She doesn’t start until September, but they said we were welcome to visit anytime.  Turned out to be a good thing since I hadn’t received the registration packet yet.

And then we went for a little walk.  Now she’s taking a nap while I write and knit.  It’s been nice.  Quiet.  Just right.

And tomorrow?  Back to reality.

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11 Weeks

I don’t know how it happened, but it’s been eleven weeks since Anna was born.  I go back to work a week from today.  I do wish I could have it both ways.  I wish I could keep staying home and watching as Anna grows and learns new things, but I’ll also be glad to spend time around adults and have partners in taking care of her each day.

So what’s making me happy this week?

  1. I figured out that I’m short enough to rest the open umbrella on the open car door and the roof of the car while I’m putting Anna in her carseat.  I just wish I’d figured that out when I got her out of her carseat.  (We were both very wet by the time I got her into the mei tai and got the umbrella opened when we went to the polls on Tuesday.)
  2. Amber brought lunch over today.  We had a nice visit before she had to go back to work.
  3. The pool is full of water.  I know I won’t get to use it much this summer since Anna will be too young for sunblock, but it is still lovely to think about.
  4. Preston shared his box on opening night of Crazy for You at the Civic.  It was a lot of fun.  Atis and Pedro were awesome as Bela and Bobby, particularly in my favorite scene — the drunk scene.
  5. Anna is this close to rolling over.  She gets onto her side, but not any farther.  I do kind of hope she does it the first time before I go back to work, even if that does mean my baby is growing up faster than I care to admit.  (Eleven weeks old!  Seriously, how did that happen?!?)
  6. The summer market has opened and is full of loveliness.  There are now pickled beets in the fridge.  And there are signs of fresh asparagus to be had.
  7. My mom and I are planning a simple, but delicious, meal for Sunday.  Pasta with caramelized leeks and onions and bleu cheese.  Steamed asparagus.  A rhubarb something for dessert.  Yum!

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Pit Crew

Anna has been indecisive today.  She wants to play until I put her down.  She wants to eat until I give her the bottle.  She just can’t seem to make up her mind.  Which means, of course, that she’s been fussy.  And because she’s been fussy, she’s been crying instead of eating, so she’s hungry.

Fortunately, my mom is spending tonight so neither of us have to keep walking and bouncing and holding a screaming baby.  We can tag team it.  My mom finally got her to take the one ounce bottle I’d made.  And she’s hungry, so she started to cry before I could get the second ounce (formula gets measured in two-ounce increments) into the bottle.  But my mom got her settled and eating that second ounce.  And, again, she’s hungry.  So I mixed up two more ounces.  And I put them in a new bottle.

Yes, we just swiftly removed the empty bottle and replaced it with the full one.  Almost seamlessly.  We’re not sure Anna even noticed.  Here’s hoping these four ounces are enough to help her sleep tonight!

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Feeding Frenzy

So on Friday, I mentioned that Anna is back to her normal self.  And I promised the story would follow.  Here it is.

Anna was really fussy this past week.  And she seemed to be really uncomfortable.  It was clear that her belly hurt.  And (TMI alert), her bowel movements weren’t proper baby poo.  And she’d been so happy and playful before!

Well, it wasn’t until my mom was walking around bouncing her Thursday afternoon that it clicked.  “When she was new, she hated it when we sat down,” my mom observed.

“And that was before we switched to Similac,” I said.  We’d switched because that’s what Costco sells.  But since I have relatives who work at Perrigo and have an employee benefit to spend at the company store each year, we were trying generic formula.  Anna had been great on the Similac.  And since we’d started trying the generic, she’d become more and more fussy, more and more pained.

And I felt horrible that I hadn’t thought of it before.  And my mom didn’t have her Costco ID.  So even though Costco is right across the street, we made an emergency run to Meijer to pick up Similac.  And now that she’s back on that, she’s back to her normal self.  She smiles in her sleep.  She plays for an extended period of time.  She’s stopped screaming for no obvious reason.

I blame Grandma, the grandma Anna is named after.  Grandma was a neonatal nurse.  At a Similac hospital.  (Different hospitals prefer different formulas.)  <sigh>  She would be so proud…

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It’s May!  I’m not sure how that happened.  I’m trying not to think too hard about it.  Anna is ten weeks old today.  That means I go back to work in two weeks.  I wish I were independently wealthy so that I could stay home and write instead of going to work.  This isn’t new.  I’ve wished that for a long time.  I just haven’t been off work this long since I was a teacher.

It’s also Friday, so here goes.

  1. I’m happy that Anna is back to her old self.  She’s been rather miserable this week.  Long story that merits its own blog post.  But she’s back to normal.
  2. I’ve had multiple snuggles today.  We’ll see how easily I can get this post written.  Not complaining.  Snuggles are a wonderful thing!
  3. I love Luther, President Obama’s anger translator.  I love even more that he appeared with the president at this year’s Correspondents’ Dinner.  And that the White House posted the video of it.
  4. In nerdy fun, I really think my brother could use a few of these “bar essentials”.
  5. And, of course, there are NPR links.  Heard this explanation of naming racehorses.  You really should listen for the replay of a race at the end.
  6. And today’s driveway moment was this discussion of how reading Harry Potter affects one’s behavior.  All for the good, of course.

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