Feeding Frenzy

So on Friday, I mentioned that Anna is back to her normal self.  And I promised the story would follow.  Here it is.

Anna was really fussy this past week.  And she seemed to be really uncomfortable.  It was clear that her belly hurt.  And (TMI alert), her bowel movements weren’t proper baby poo.  And she’d been so happy and playful before!

Well, it wasn’t until my mom was walking around bouncing her Thursday afternoon that it clicked.  “When she was new, she hated it when we sat down,” my mom observed.

“And that was before we switched to Similac,” I said.  We’d switched because that’s what Costco sells.  But since I have relatives who work at Perrigo and have an employee benefit to spend at the company store each year, we were trying generic formula.  Anna had been great on the Similac.  And since we’d started trying the generic, she’d become more and more fussy, more and more pained.

And I felt horrible that I hadn’t thought of it before.  And my mom didn’t have her Costco ID.  So even though Costco is right across the street, we made an emergency run to Meijer to pick up Similac.  And now that she’s back on that, she’s back to her normal self.  She smiles in her sleep.  She plays for an extended period of time.  She’s stopped screaming for no obvious reason.

I blame Grandma, the grandma Anna is named after.  Grandma was a neonatal nurse.  At a Similac hospital.  (Different hospitals prefer different formulas.)  <sigh>  She would be so proud…


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