Pit Crew

Anna has been indecisive today.  She wants to play until I put her down.  She wants to eat until I give her the bottle.  She just can’t seem to make up her mind.  Which means, of course, that she’s been fussy.  And because she’s been fussy, she’s been crying instead of eating, so she’s hungry.

Fortunately, my mom is spending tonight so neither of us have to keep walking and bouncing and holding a screaming baby.  We can tag team it.  My mom finally got her to take the one ounce bottle I’d made.  And she’s hungry, so she started to cry before I could get the second ounce (formula gets measured in two-ounce increments) into the bottle.  But my mom got her settled and eating that second ounce.  And, again, she’s hungry.  So I mixed up two more ounces.  And I put them in a new bottle.

Yes, we just swiftly removed the empty bottle and replaced it with the full one.  Almost seamlessly.  We’re not sure Anna even noticed.  Here’s hoping these four ounces are enough to help her sleep tonight!


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