11 Weeks

I don’t know how it happened, but it’s been eleven weeks since Anna was born.  I go back to work a week from today.  I do wish I could have it both ways.  I wish I could keep staying home and watching as Anna grows and learns new things, but I’ll also be glad to spend time around adults and have partners in taking care of her each day.

So what’s making me happy this week?

  1. I figured out that I’m short enough to rest the open umbrella on the open car door and the roof of the car while I’m putting Anna in her carseat.  I just wish I’d figured that out when I got her out of her carseat.  (We were both very wet by the time I got her into the mei tai and got the umbrella opened when we went to the polls on Tuesday.)
  2. Amber brought lunch over today.  We had a nice visit before she had to go back to work.
  3. The pool is full of water.  I know I won’t get to use it much this summer since Anna will be too young for sunblock, but it is still lovely to think about.
  4. Preston shared his box on opening night of Crazy for You at the Civic.  It was a lot of fun.  Atis and Pedro were awesome as Bela and Bobby, particularly in my favorite scene — the drunk scene.
  5. Anna is this close to rolling over.  She gets onto her side, but not any farther.  I do kind of hope she does it the first time before I go back to work, even if that does mean my baby is growing up faster than I care to admit.  (Eleven weeks old!  Seriously, how did that happen?!?)
  6. The summer market has opened and is full of loveliness.  There are now pickled beets in the fridge.  And there are signs of fresh asparagus to be had.
  7. My mom and I are planning a simple, but delicious, meal for Sunday.  Pasta with caramelized leeks and onions and bleu cheese.  Steamed asparagus.  A rhubarb something for dessert.  Yum!

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