Back to Work, Happily

  1. I only had 1k+ unread emails.  Apparently GroupWise gives up counting once it hits 1000.  I’m down to 60+.
  2. Anna decided to sleep until 6.  I was able to get dressed, do my hair, brush my teeth, pack my lunch (and breakfast), do an Italian lesson…  This also meant she was all smiles when I took her out of her carseat at my parents’ house.
  3. For Mothers’ Day, I got a FitBit Zip.  That’s the little one that you can clip on your waistband or bra or wherever.  It only tracks steps, but that’s all I need a FitBit to do right now.  I’m in the midst of a couch-to-10k steps challenge. The creator recommends estimating that 5 minutes = 500 steps, which worked fine when the day’s goal was only 3000 steps.  But now that I’m up to 5500 (6000 tomorrow), it’s nice to not have to think about it.
  4. Someone at BuzzFeed made a “where are they now” for the Muppet Babies.  I’m rather partial to what Kermit has been up to.
  5. Jordan Klepper covered the UK election for the Daily Show.  I liked Part 2, better than Part 1, but both are worth watching.
  6. And finally, this made me both smile and cry.  It’s a list of suggestions for greeting cards for those who have lost a child.  (Even the ones that made me laugh made me cry.)  Thanks for sharing, Maria!

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