Gah! Where Has The Time Gone?

I know that I forgot to post last Friday.  Okay, so it’s not that I forgot.  I ran out of time.  And things were so busy over the weekend.  And then my parents went to visit their other grandkids (love you, girls!)…  I really have intended to post more frequently than just a list of what’s making me happy each Friday, but now that I’ve gone back to work there’s a whole new learning curve and rhythm to life.  I’m still trying to get it figured out.

So, I’d call this two weeks’ worth of happy things, but I know I won’t remember everything I wanted to share, so things will keep appearing in the future.

  1. Anna generally sleeps through the night.  Sure, Momma’s Little Alarm Clock woke up at 5:30 twice this week, but Momma’s Actual Alarm Clock goes off at 5:45, so Momma Really Can’t Complain.
  2. It is nice to be back at work.  It’s the little things such as this conversation with my boss.  Z – See you Monday!  Me – Are you sure about that?  Z (slowly as he realizes Monday is Memorial Day) – Nnnnoooo….  See you on Tuesday.
  3. We got to meet cousin Audrey on Saturday.  She’s four days younger than Anna and they have the same cry.  Thanksgiving is going to be interesting…
  4. On Saturday, Anna took the pacifier from my hand and chewed on it.  The outside, but I think that’s close enough for a three-month-old.
  5. My kid is three months old!  How did that happen?  (She’s currently chewing on one of the toys dangling from her playmat.  Yes.  She figured out how to get it to her mouth all by herself.)

And I think I have to leave it there.  Someone is wanting to eat!


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