A Happy Birthday

  1. Something I forgot last week… and the week before…  We had lunch with Jess and Patty, and with Jess’s kids.  Her son told my mom about a March of Dimes walk he participated in.  There was a tree with blue and white stars, one color for babies who were alive and the other for babies who had died.  He hung up a star with Sofia’s name on it.  Happy tears!!!
  2. Yes, it’s my birthday.  Anna decided to sleep until I got her up to go to Nonna and Gpa’s for the day.  And she was happy the whole way there.
  3. Yesterday, I was singing scales while walking around Costco.  Anna really likes it when I sing scales.
  4. My mom meets me at the door when I drop Anna off in the morning.  Today, she was holding a container of Golden Grahams S’Mores.  (That’s what my brother and I always took to school as our birthay treats.)  And then she sang happy birthday.
  5. My nieces made me adorably awesome birthday cards.
  6. The card from my brother was a blessing from the Dolly Llama.  I laughed harder than may have been appropriate…
  7. My parents (and Anna, of course) gave me two wonderful things.  The first is a journal in which photos and notes will continue to be added over the years.  The first is dated 2013 and is from Sofia.  The second is current and from Anna.  And I now have a framed picture of each of my girls to put in my office.  Lots of happy tears!!!

Yes, I’m probably still missing some things.  I’ll keep adding them in the future.  But now?  Now it’s time for supper.  Salmon.  Another thing that’s making me happy!  Yum!



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2 responses to “A Happy Birthday

  1. Anne

    Happy Birthday Beth! I follow your blog via email and just got caught up with the last 3 months. Wonderful writing and stories, the conversation with Madge and Dorcas was so humorous, and at first glance of the picture of your Grandma Gertrude I thought you must be in a new play as a WWII nurse. Anna Gertrude has some pretty terrific women in her family tree 🙂

    • I was just thinking about you. I’ve been going through some of our old forms. When I realize that they haven’t been used since you were here, I figure we probably don’t need them anymore. 😉 I’m sorry I missed the Alliance meeting back in January. It was in your neck of the woods, so I was thinking we could try to meet for dinner one night. Ah well… Hope you’re doing well!

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