A Belated Thank You

What’s making me happy this week?  Well, what’s making me happy is really something that was making me happy last week.  It’s something that I meant to write about last week.  But a certain someone has been keeping me busy.  (Not to mention work… and errands… and sleep…)

So this post is at least a week late.

My village is making me happy this week.  And last week.  And the week before. 

As I’m sure you recall, my parents had the nerve to have another kid.  And they have such chutzpah that they went and had him before I was born!  And now and then, they think they should actually go and visit!  Well, it was once again time for Grandparents’ Day at my nieces’ school.  Which is fine.  Except for the fact that left me sans childcare.

I put out the call, and the village people stepped up.  Amanda even took a day off in order to take care of Anna.  So a huge shout-out to Margaret, Erica, Issa, Amanda, and Becky for taking a day (or two — Margaret & Issa).  And also to Molly and Preston and Clare and Nicki for being available (or willing to make themselves so) in a pinch.  And to Terese for bemoaning the fact that the school year wasn’t over so she couldn’t make herself available.  And Rachel for wishing her husband’s work schedule would have made it possible for her to take a day or two.  I’ve said multiple times that I knew I could do this single mom thing because I knew I had an awesome group of friends.  (Yes, only one of these people is actually related to me.  I love my family, and I love my family of choice.)  The ten days I needed help, my friends reminded me that they really and truly are there for me.

Maybe next week I’ll manage to put together a post of the interesting articles and sundries that have been amusing me.  For now, I’ll just leave you with this article about the sound design for Jurassic Park.  It’s both interesting (I think sound design is a fascinating job) and funny.

Thanks again, village people!  


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