I really do intend to post more than once a week.  Really.  I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  I mean, I thought I’d do it at work.  You know, on my lunch break.  But I’ve been so busy doing, you know, work that I don’t even think about it.  And then I get home and someone keeps me busy.  And then it’s bedtime, and I’m tired, and I think I’ll worry about it tomorrow.  And I really mean to write the next day, but then, well…

And there’ve been some tough things in the news this week.  Really tough things.  Just that little mass murder in Charleston.  At a church.

And I haven’t made it through the pages I’ve been saving that I want to read because I think they’ll be interesting to share.  So I’ve been trying to think of what’s been making me happy this week.

  1. Good customer service #1.  Someone hacked my Hulu account and was using it to watch premium content.  Now the only way to guarantee that a hacker no longer has access to your Hulu account is to completely delete the account and start new.  (I’d been debating about dropping back to a free account since I have so little time to watch TV anyway.)  I emailed support to express my frustration.  A rep with a name (Catherine, in case you’re wondering) wrote back to tell me how she could help with canceling my account if I wanted to do so.  When I hadn’t responded in a couple of days, she wrote again, just to follow up.  Since the person was still using my account, I wrote back that I did want to cancel.  She canceled my subscription, refunded my last payment, and then wrote to let me know that she’d done so and to let me know how to delete my free account.  It still sucks to lose my queue, but I’m really impressed that a single rep followed through on my entire ticket.
  2. Good customer service #2.  I got a really weird call today from the company that supplied my testing strips when I had GD.  My autofill order was scheduled to be shipped on Monday.  I should call back to confirm.  I called back and said that I didn’t need the supplies.  She apologized, canceled the order, and said she’d update my record to show that I had GD and wouldn’t need additional supplies.  Oh, and she looked me up by birthdate.  That’s it.  I gave her my birthday and she responded with my name.  (I did suggest that there might be something weird going on in their system since a resupply should have happened back in February or March if I’d been signed up for autofill.  She seemed perplexed by what I was trying to say…)
  3. But what’s really making me happy this week is that I have my pendant back.  I picked it up at the jeweler’s yesterday.  It is exactly what I wanted.  And the stones look amazing together although that was unintentional.  So I once again have my little remembrance of Sofia around my neck.  And a little remembrance of Anna is there, too.

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