Hail and Farewell

Today is Dr Burns’s last day.  She was the CEO back before we became a med school in our own right.  Back then, the administration offices were just around the corner from my office, so I saw her regularly.  In the restroom.  Getting coffee.  Stopping to chat in the hallway.  She was a good boss.  I always felt that we worked in collaboration with administration when she was at the helm.

But that’s not why I’ll miss her.  (Okay, not entirely.  But our department hasn’t reported to her in three years, so as far as work itself is concerned, we’ve been missing her for a while.)

You may remember a story I told after Sofia died.  I said that a colleague told me that she wished she could make it better but that she’d left her magic wand in South Dakota when she moved here.  That was Dr Burns.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that someone made a memorial donation in Sofia’s name last year, a year after her death.  That was Dr Burns.

She was there to listen if I needed that.  When I was pregnant with Anna, she was there to reassure me that I was surrounded by caring physicians, even when I was at work.

She is off to a much-deserved retirement.  And the third floor will be very different without her.


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