Happy 4th!

The beauty of the 4th of July falling on Saturday is that I get Friday off.  I love it when holidays fall on the weekend.  The holiday itself is almost always busy, so getting the day off on a weekday isn’t really getting a day off.  But when it falls on the weekend, it’s just like having made plans to get together with friends or family on any other Saturday or Sunday.  The day off work is a real day off.  And since our family won’t assemble until around noon, Anna and I have a nice quiet morning.  And I’ve finally gotten around to going through the backlog of articles and videos I’ve saved to look at later.

Happy Independence Day!  Please enjoy a ginormous number of links to things that have been making me happy!

  1. I’ve often tried to explain why gelato is so much better than ice cream and that what you find in your grocer’s freezer labeled “gelato” isn’t really gelato.  NPR has explained it better. And now I’m homesick for Rome and it’s gelaterie.
  2. And now that summer is half-way through (even though it doesn’t really feel like summer as I’m sitting her in my winter robe thinking about how my feet are getting cold — seriously, how am I not wearing enough clothing?), here’s some advice from Chaucer.  Really.  Sort of…  Just read it.
  3. Heard this report on NPR about school chalkboards that have been frozen in time since 1917.  The article is great because radio doesn’t have pictures.
  4. The historian in me loves it when listicles of old photos show up in my Facebook feed.  The titles of the listicles are always a tad hyperbolic, but I love that they frequently include photos that help put history in perspective.  These are pretty awesome simply because we forget how far back color photography goesThese are supposedly “haunting” (not really… but still cool)Only one of these is supposed to be “haunting”, not really, but I like the perspective this batch of photos gives.
  5. The man who created the plastic flamingo has died.  You may be aware of the running gag in our family regarding plastic flamingos.  My brother and I got our friends and family to shower our parents with flamingos on their 40th wedding anniversary.  Carters makes a flamingo sleeper set.  Yes, Anna has it.  Yes, we’ll be a little sad when she grows out of it.  He wanted to make people happy, and I think he succeeded.
  6. Who doesn’t love Nina Totenberg?  NPR posted videos of her explaining the recent Supreme Court rulings.  Here’s one on the ACA, complete with emojiAnd here’s her recap of the marriage equality decision; this one might bring a tear to your eye.  I had some trouble getting the videos to load.  Keep trying.  See if you can open them from the NPR page.  They’re worth the watch.
  7. Irish Fest was rainy this week, but Whiskey Before Breakfast (my favorite local Irish band) shared this delightful list of the different types of rain one might encounter in Ireland.  And speaking from experience, I think this applies to the rest of the British Isles.  And occasionally Michigan, too.
  8. Funny or Die has created a trailer for the American Girls Action Movie.  Because.  Do I really need to say more?
  9. The Washington Post has this great rundown of everything that’s wrong with every state flag in the nation.  Yes, there are people in Michigan!  I think…
  10. Someone renamed paint colors.  A friend claims that her living room actually was painted that color…
  11. I’ve dabbled in writing workshops and ultimately decided that I’m happier writing for myself and sharing with individual writer friends I trust when I’m ready for a first audience.  Here’s a take on the feedback Jane Austen might have gotten if she’d workshopped Pride and Prejudice.
  12. And this goes back a bit, almost a month, back to the Tonys.  This is the backstage view of Kelli O’Hara’s 47-second quick change with her amazing dressers.  I love this because I’ve had many a quick change over the years, but my fastest was also in The King and I.  And I had three dressers.  And they were amazing.  We had my change down to a science, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how it happened.  It is still a bit of magic to me how they got me out of my Simon Legree costume (and mask!) and back into my Topsy costume (and mask!) without messing up my hair.  Quick changes are stressful, but once you get the choreography worked out, they are also a tad thrilling.  This one shows both the focus required and the excitement of making it happen.

Okay, I think I’m caught up on my Facebook links.  Now I need to start getting caught up on reading blog posts!


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