Another Week Done

I really don’t know where the time has gone.  Well, sort of.  My mom has had this hypothesis about summer for years now.  It’s lovely and lingering until the Fourth of July.  But after the Fourth?  After the Fourth, time compresses, and it’s suddenly the first day of school.  I realize that it’s still July, but I mean to write, and I turn around, and it’s Friday again.  And I really never intended this blog to just be  lists of things that make me happy.  That’s parenthood (and single motherhood) for you!

But there are a few things from the past two weeks that I do want to share.

  1. The biggest source of happiness the past few weeks have been family.  My brother and his family have been in town.  And it’s been lovely.  The girls have enjoyed being big cousins, and Anna has enjoyed having an entertainment committee.  
  2. I got to have a fun auntie date when I took the my nieces to the Kindleberger Festival for closing night.  They were especially impressed that, when I introduced them to Lou (who played Ali Hakim), the “peddlar man” was “really nice”.
  3. I think I had a little too much fun adding things to my watchlist in the PBS app.  Who needs a Hulu subscription when you have PBS?  (Not that I have much time to watch any TV anyway…)
  4. Today I was once again reminded of why I rent in general and why I rent here specifically.  I’ve had issues with the windows leaking on and off since I moved in.  They finally seemed to have fixed my bedroom, so naturally Anna’s window started to leak.  I’d called the office about a week ago.  It rained last weekend, and both windows were fine.  Geena from the complex’s office called today to make sure her window was no longer leaking.  She was putting work orders into the computer, and since it’s supposed to rain again this weekend, she wanted to make sure it was fixed before then.  I do love where I live!

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