Reading Together

First, some back story.

Back story #1:  I’ve been knitting washcloths.  I was never a big washcloth knitter before.  I preferred sweaters, socks, hats, fingerless mitts.  Things best knit out of wool, not cotton.  But now that my knitting time is frequently interrupted, I’ve been having a blast knitting washcloths.  They’re small.  They’re fast.  I can do all sorts of interesting things.  And I was thinking that I needed to just borrow my mom’s volumes of Stitchionary.  This morning, I happened to glance at my own shelf of knitting books and discovered I have my very own copy of volume 5:  lace knitting.

Back story #2:  Anna can sit supported pretty well these days, so we’ve started reading books at bedtime.  And of late, she’s wanted to play with the books as much as read them.  (Yay!  Proper developmental stage!)  So I took a few of her books from her bedroom and put them on her blanket in the living room.

Back story #3:  Anna likes to play.  She plays a lot.  She plays for long periods of time, given that she’s only five months old.  But sometimes she starts fussing.  So I pick her up.  But that’s not what she wants.  She’s not hungry or wet.  No.  She wants to play.  But she wants compay.  If I sit next to her and go on with what I was doing, she’s happy.  She goes back to playing

And now the story.

Anna was fussing.  So I sat down next to her.  I brought my copy of Stichionary Volume Five with me and started to skim through the patterns.  Anna picked up her copy of Sandra Boynton’s Are You a Cow?  She had her book.  I had my book.  Our first family silent sustained reading.  I may be having trouble introducing her to music, but at least she’s caught on to how much I love books.


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