A Good Week

This week has been pretty good.  My friend’s baby is stable.  The weather is magnificent.  Not too much to complain about.  Here are a few things I meant to post last week.  And a few things I stumbled upon this week.

  1. Here and Now did a tribute to Davy Jones.  But not because of his most famous role.  He was the Artful Dodger.  On Broadway.  I did not know that.  It’s a pretty delightful segment.  And a good sing-along.
  2. I mentioned Jon Stewart’s last episode in my last post.  I know I’m not alone in saying that I’ll miss him, but it was a farewell that was just right.  Funny, touching, sentimental.  Just right.
  3. I don’t remember if I mentioned that our progress report was approved.  Maybe I did.  But even if I didn’t, it’s still making me happy!
  4. If you haven’t listened to Mystery Show, you should.  And there are only six episodes so far, so you really should listen to all of the episodes if you’re new.  I kind of mainlined them on Sunday.  It’s fascinating and funny, and I’m looking forward to the next series.
  5. And I’m working my way through the quantity of things I added to my PBS watchlist.  Secrets of the Dead is one of those shows that regularly makes my jaw drop.  There’s an eposide about Richard III that is amazing (in part because some of the “discoveries” seem obvious to anyone who has been around people with disabilities… I mean, looking at a medieval saddle, it seems pretty clear to me that it would give more support to someone with scoliosis than a modern saddle, but the researchers were really surprised… but I digress.).  What I really liked about this episode was that it helped me reconcile the image I have of Richard III from primary source documents with his royal portrait.
  6. But probably the most fun thing I watched this week was Secrets of the Tower of London.  It really does show you things that aren’t on the tour.  The interview with the chief yeoman (and his wife) is a wonderfully different view of the Tower.  And, well, the interview with the ravenkeeper is simply delightful.  He has a charming dry wit.  I recommend watching at the very least to see that section.

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