Six Months Already?

That’s right.  Anna is six months old.  She thinks solid food is the best thing since sliced bread (although she’ll probably decide sliced bread is the best thing since sliced bread once she starts eating bread).  For the most part, she’s happy and funny and playful.

I know you’re all thinking, Beth, you were so on top of things last week.  You posted your Friday post early on Friday.  Yeah.  That’s because I was sitting in my hotel room in Frankenmuth.  I was at a conference sans baby.  (I hoping to get this written before she wakes up.)

So here are a few things from the past week that have made me happy:

  1. Fiber Fest was last weekend.  I didn’t buy much, but I love what I got.  I think my favorite purchase came from Happy Fuzzy Yarn — her new gradient skeins.  I bought a colorway that goes from brilliant royal blue to a bright spring green.  And when I call them “skeins”, I really do mean the plural.  There’s one skein of each color, but together they create a gradient.  I don’t know exactly what I’ll make.  A lace shawl of some sort, most likely.  But it will be soft and airy and I’m just happy to have this yarn in my stash.
  2. What I mentioned above — I was at a conference in Frankenmuth.  The conference itself was what conferences are.  But it was nice to be at a hotel where I could go swimming and sit in a whirlpool.  The, um, adult ice cream beverages that Courtney and I had for dessert didn’t hurt.
  3. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda were on Here and Now.  (Apparently it was an interview that aired earlier this year.  I must have been on leave because I hadn’t heard it before.)  One word:  Delightful!  There’s a brief discussion of how they should have their own radio show.  I agree.  If it were anything like this interview, I’d listen.  Like Car Talk, only with women…
  4. And, finally, if you don’t listen to Ask Me Another, you should.  It’s smart and funny.  And this week, the Very Important Puzzler was Sir Patrick Stewart.  If you don’t listen to Ask Me Another, you should at least listen to this week’s episode.  Because Patrick Stewart.  Do I really need to say more?

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