Violet Indigo, or On Seeing Indigo

When I was still in training as a dancer, the company had a modern ballet piece called “Violet Indigo”… or was it “Indigo Violet”?  I think it was the former.  I never danced this piece, so unlike the many variations in Act II of “The Nutcracker”, I don’t remember the choreography.  But that is what the following made me think of today.

Oliver Sacks, as you probably already know, has died.  He was a frequent guest on RadioLab, and they posted this beautiful remembrance yesterday.  It is sweet and funny and poignant.  It probably was not the best thing for me to listen to at work today given the fact that Gabriel’s funeral is on Sunday and Sofia and Sebastian’s anniversaries are in two weeks.

The last story is particularly touching.  It is about Sacks’s desire to see the color indigo.  And he shares a funny story about how he saw it for the first time.  And about his desire to see it again.  About how he thought “this is the color of heaven”.

Indigo.  That’s where Gabriel and Sofia and Sebastian are.  

They are where they can see indigo.


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