Caunties and Cuncles

I’ve lost complete track of the days.  Apparently, Anna turned seven-months-old on Sunday.  I know, right?  

I really do know what happened.  Anna started day care.  (Or school, as we call it.)  The rhythm of our days has changed.  We leave a little bit later each morning, and we get home a little bit sooner.  We don’t see my parents every day.  It’s simultaneously quieter and busier.  The dichotomy that is life.

So, anyway, for the past two weeks, I’ve been meaning to write about this.  And I’ve either been too busy or too tired to do so.  Neither are particularly great excuses, but I think I’ll stick with them.

You will recall that two of my cousins were due around the same time as me, that our three babies were born within thirty days of each other.  Well, Geoff and Bethany were up from Texas (with the kids, of course).  And on September 11, the clan gathered for Family Dinner.  It was the first time we had all three of the new babies (who aren’t quite as new these days) together.  Anna was horrified when she saw me holding Peter.  Absolutely horrified.  As though she thought I was trading her in for a different model.  I’m not sure if she would have responded the same when I was holding Audrey; she wasn’t in the room at the time.

But one of the things that I really like that came out of this was our discussion of names.  Relationship names, that is.  I mean, we’re all cousins, right?  But we now have this generational difference.  And my cousins and I are all accustomed to this big family with aunts and uncles.  Not AN aunt and AN uncle.  Lots of them.  But the majority of us only have one sibling.  So my mom thought we should start calling my cousins “cousin aunty” and “cousin uncle”.  And then Bethany shared that her brother uses the terms “caunty” and “cuncle”.

I like it.  We’re cousins, but we’re more like aunts and uncles.  We’re caunts and cuncles with conieces and conephews.  It makes me smile.

Given the date that this happened, you can see why I didn’t get around to writing about it right away.  But it was a good dinner.  It was lovely to see everyone.  It was hard to leave.  Except for the simultaneous three-way melt-down.  That did help.  And now maybe I’ll get back into the swing of blogging again.


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