There was a total eclipse Sunday night.  And it started early enough that I could actually see it.  Because of the direction my apartment faces and the trees outside my balcony, I can’t see the moon once it passes my windows.  So even if I’m awake during an eclipse, I can’t always see it.

But Sunday’s eclipse started early enoug that I had a perfect view.  I tied back the curtains in my bedroom, curled up in my bed and looked up out the window. 

And saw clouds.

Occasionally, there was a break in the clouds, and I could see the shadow of the earth starting to pass over the moon.

And then, about an hour before the total eclipse was reached, as the moon was reaching the point at which it would be too high for me to see from my bedroom window, the clouds moved off, and the moon hung alone, half eclipsed by the earth’s shadow.

Once the moon was too high to see, I let the curtains fall back into place and curled up to go to sleep.  If I woke up, I’d see if I could still see the moon.  

And I had a dream that I did.  I pulled back the curtain and stood with my cheek pressed against the window.  And I saw the red of the Blood Moon.  And I took a picture with my phone.

There’s no picture.  That’s why I know it was a dream.  But I hadn’t expected to be able to see the total eclipse, so I’m content.  My experience is perfect as it was.


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  1. Rita

    I gave up after the clouds closed in yet again….

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