I really don’t know where the time has gone.  Anna is now ten months old.  Christmas was two days ago, which, of course, means it’s almost New Year’s Day.

Last night I was thinking about my “Today I Feel” magnet.  How I was looking at it the other day and thinking that I should move it to “exhausted”, but I could remember if I’d actually done that.  And I was too tired to get up and look.

I’d say that I could use a vacation, but I don’t think that would make a difference.  Anna is at the age where, much as I love her, she takes it out of me.  It’s not so much that she wants me to play with her but that she wants to play with me.  So if I get out my knitting, she wants to help.  If I pick up my book, she wants to read it, too.  Or at least eat my bookmark.  Which is a Post-it, so eating it is not an option.  (She’s taking a nap right now; otherwise, she’d be trying to help me type.)  If I just sit, then it’s not a problem.  But as soon as I get out one of my own toys, then she loses all interest in her own.  I love her, but it’s exhausting.

And that is where the time goes, I suppose.  Trying to get things done in the brief moments during which she naps or the few hours between her bedtime and my own.  It’s a stage.  It will pass.  But in the meanwhile, I’m exhausted.

P.S.  When I got the yogurt out of the fridge this morning, I checked the magnet.  Yes, I had moved it to “exhausted”.


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