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In Memoriam

Eight years ago today, the man who changed my life died.  

Oh, I probably should have started with a Rome Story Alert.

John Felice had been sick for a while, so I wasn’t surprised by his death.  But he was the first person who was not related to me whose death truly affected me.

When I went to the Rome Center, it had the cumbersome name of “Loyola University Chicago Rome Center for the Liberal Arts”.  Now it’s simply the John Felice Rome Center.  The JFRC.  A few years after I was a student there, it was renamed after the man who was responsible for its existence.

If it hadn’t been for John Felice, I might not have gone to Loyola.  If it hadn’t been for John Felice, I most likely would never have gone to Rome.  If it hadn’t been for John Felice, I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I will forever be grateful for the legacy he left.


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Enter Into My Imagination

So I’m in the shower, and I’m thinking about how I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs.  Not that I really care at the moment.  It’s January.  It’s not like my legs are hanging out in public.  But I’m getting ready to go to a conference for work.  Which means a hotel.  And you may recall that one of the things I frequently do when I’m at a hotel is shave my legs.

And I’m pretty sure I’ll want to shave my legs because I think there’s a pool.  And if there’s a pool, I’ll want to use it.  Swimsuit = shaved legs.  Of course, if I were a conservative Muslim, I could just wear one of those full-body swimsuits and no one would see my legs anyway.

Which made me think about how new uniforms have allowed women from conservative Muslim countries to compete in the Olympics in so many new sports.

Which made me think about what track athletes wear these days.  I mean, think about the uniforms the first female track athletes wore:  skirts and blouses!  Today?  Practically underwear.

Which made me think that in a few more decades, athletes in the modern Olympics might be back to wearing what athletes in the ancient Olympics wore.

That’s right.  From shaving my legs to nude Olympic athletes, all in the time span it took me to shower.  Welcome to my brain.

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