Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m at loose ends today.  Or at least right now.  Anna is in the middle (?) of a massive nap.  She took a long one yesterday, too, but most of that one was on my.  Not that I was complaining.  At least until I had to go to the bathroom…

Today, she’s in her crib.  She squawked once but was still asleep when I went to check on her.

So here I am, trying to remember what one does when not entertaining a nearly-one-year-old.  

Hope you all have had a peaceful day.  Mine started out normally, became eventful when Anna spit up all over her high chair*, and has settled into a quiet afternoon.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Thanks, Mommy!  I really appreciate you coming over this morning to snuggle with Anna while I cleaned up the mess.



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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Nonna Sue

    I got the better part of the job, snuggling and eventually having A fall asleep on my lap as we sat on the floor. Here’s hoping the sixth tooth is less eventful!

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