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I Think I Might Have Started Something

I picked Anna up from daycare yesterday.  She still spent the night at my parents’ house, but I took her there and stayed until she went to bed.  I’m not sure who was happier, her or me.

So daycare.  I told you about the hoopla in yesterday’s post.  When I got there, Lindsay, the assistant director, came around to give me a hug.  I asked if everything was straightened out, and she said it was.  They’d talked to the Health Department and been assured that all the information I had given them was correct.  And the other parent (or rather his/her mother) had given exactly the same information, too.  So they were good and glad to see me back.

Here’s the rest of the story.  A parent had heard that there were two other parents with viral meningitis and called their pediatrician in a panic.  “There are two parents with meningitis at my daycare!”  And instead of taking a deep breath and asking what type of meningitis, the pediatrician’s office fed the fire.  One of the pregnant teachers had called her OB’s office and the phone nurse was the one who told her that she couldn’t come back to the clinic until she had three notes of clear meningitis tests: one for each child and one for herself.  Again, exactly the opposite of how that HCP should have handled the question.

Anyway, I told Lindsay that I manage all of the CME in town and would be in touch with the appropriate people about adding the topic for OB/GYN Grand Rounds.  I explained that I’m their accredited provider, so I know everyone in charge of CE in the area.  Her eyes lit up.  She turned to Amanda, her assistant.  “She handles all of their credit!”

She looked at me. “Could you get them to cover Hand-Foot-and-Mouth, too?  Remember when we had that outbreak?  We had doctors saying they could come back once the sores scabbed over, doctors saying they needed to be out for a week…”

I smiled.  “I’ll let Pediatrics know.”

I can’t wait to see what other topics get suggested while Anna is still a student there…


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