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Catching Up

  1. Anna turned two last week.  And she talks and sings and has just about mastered the art of jumping.  She’s still working on landing.  Either that or else it’s just fun to land on one’s bottom.  She laughs hysterically when she does.
  2. One of the things that I’ve looked forward to is silent sustained reading.  I didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon.  Yes, frequently bedtime stories go like this:  Anna hands me a book and says, “Here. Read this.”  Then she sits down and picks up another book.  “Should I read it out loud or to myself?” I ask.  “To yourself,” she responds.  Then she hands me another book and another and another.  Not to read to her.  To read to myself.
  3. I’ve been knitting a lot of pussyhats.  I’m looking forward to knitting something that’s not a pussyhat.  I’m sure it will feel weird.  I’ve been knitting on size 13s.  I rarely use needles that large.  The 1s that my new mittens will be knit on are going to feel so tiny!
  4. The National Day Without Women is next Wednesday (3/8).  All women are asked to refrain from both paid and unpaid labor.  Wear red (in any amount – a shirt, a piece of jewelry, a pair of socks, ruby slippers).  If you must participate in labor, try to frequent women- or minority-owned businesses.  As a single mother, this is a little awkward.  If I strike from unpaid labor, the only person I hurt is my two-year-old.  And given the work that I do, the only person I really hurt by striking from my paid labor is myself.  However, I have asked my childcare provider if keeping Anna home from school that day will support her teachers’ desire to strike.  (She’s checking and will let me know.)  And while I probably will go to work that day, I plan to leave my phone unanswered and my email unread.  I hope you’ll join me to the best of your ability in showing the contribution women make on a daily basis.  I know it won’t be as amazing as when the women of Iceland went on strike, but I’m hopeful that we can make an impact that day.
  5. My mom’s birthday was last week.  It was the same day as Anna’s 24-month well-child visit, and I took the day off so that my mom and I could play after Anna’s appointment.  One of the things we decided to do was go bra shopping.  We went to Mastec to see if they still had bras for hard-to-fit women.  They don’t for the simple reason that they closed.  Back in November.  Yes, their website is still active.  But they’re closed.  But when we got up to the door, my mom saw that another boutique had left business cards.  She tried to call while I pulled up a map on my phone*.  It’s five minutes from where I live.  It’s called Beautifully Unique, and it is a lovely place to shop.  Like Mastec, they fit women who are post-mastectomy as well as women who are hard to fit.  They have a huge selection of standard sized bras and are working on being able to do special orders.  (They’ve only been open for about a year.)  I walked out in a 34K that’s almost perfect.  The underwire is just a bit too high in the front and scratches a little as the day wears on.  But the rest of it fits so well that I haven’t worn a different bra since I bought it.  So Mastec may be closed, but there’s an even better place to shop that’s still in Kalamazoo.

*When we got home, we discovered there was a map printed on the back of the business card.  Yep.  We’re good readers.


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