Unemployment Day 43

  1. Woke Anna up ten minutes before it was time to leave. She was still so sleepy that she mumbled, “I don’t want a snack.”
  2. Opened the curtains to discover a half-inch of snow. I knew it had snowed yesterday. And I knew several friends in other parts of the Midwest/Great Lakes region had seen quantities of snow. But when I closed the curtains last night, we’d only seen a dusting. At least this was a nice “clean” snow that had melted as soon as it hit pavement.
  3. Took Anna to school.
  4. Decided to wait until tomorrow to get gas. That way it might be above 30.
  5. Went to Water Street.
  6. Worked on my practicum.
  7. Came home.
  8. Finished my last required practicum hours.
  9. Walked laundry down to my parents’ house.
  10. Went for a walk on the trail with my mom.
  11. Came home.
  12. Watched the first hour of Les Miserables on PBS.
  13. What I expected to happened has happened. I’m going to need to reread the book when the series is over. Fortunately my copy is a paperback, so it only weighs a little for a 1500-page book.
  14. Picked Anna up from school.
  15. Had dinner, snuggles, screen time, and bedtime stories. (She started to ask for Star Wars for screen time, but then opted for DC Superhero Girls instead.)
  16. Cried as I watched this video of the Notre Dame de Paris fire. I’m still in shock that it has not only burned but been so damaged by the fire.
  17. Called my mom to check in and figure out our plans for tomorrow.
  18. Showered.
  19. And now I’m going to watch Call the Midwife and then take my book to bed.


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2 responses to “Unemployment Day 43

  1. Nonna

    That was definitely a tear jerker. Oh!

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