Unemployment Day 45

  1. Took Anna to school.
  2. Chatted with one of the teachers who is contemplating getting her MPH.
  3. Went out to KVCC to study.
  4. Edited and submitted my practicum portfolio.
  5. Applied for two jobs.
  6. Stopped to pick up a coloring book for Anna.
  7. Came home.
  8. Ate lunch.
  9. Attempted a nap.
  10. Applied for another job.
  11. Picked Anna up.
  12. Stopped at the student union on our way home because Anna said we needed to hurry home so that she could use the toilet, and we were a helluva lot closer to the student union than we were to our house. It was definitely worth the quarter for parking because she held it all the way into the building and used the toilet.
  13. Had dinner.
  14. Power flickered during a thunderstorm.
  15. Anna got a flashlight so that I could read her a story. I pointed out that the lights were back on.
  16. Story time and snuggles.
  17. Anna took the flashlight and her new coloring books to bed with her.
  18. Called my mom to check in.
  19. Texted with one of my nieces.
  20. Took a shower.
  21. And here I am. I’ll watch a little telly and then take my book to bed. Hopefully Anna will already be asleep. She’s been staying up until I go to bed of late. No matter how late it is. Last night I was almost asleep and she was still talking to me. Then she tried to use my head as a pillow and got booted back to her own bed. She slept through the transfer. Anyway, hoping to have my bed all to myself tonight!

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