Unemployment Day 46

  1. Took Anna to school.
  2. Came home.
  3. Did it Debbie’s way. Or at least the first part of it. If you haven’t seen this video as it’s been going around, do yourself a favor and at least watch it. It is delightful.
  4. Went to Trader Joe’s and Costco with my mom.
  5. Came home.
  6. Remembered that maybe I should check on my schoolwork since I still have two assignments left. Both are still in the hurry-up-and-wait stage.
  7. Cleaned out the fridge.
  8. Took the bin to the curb.
  9. Picked Anna up at school.
  10. Stopped at the library.
  11. Ran things to the dropbox because at some point between going to school and getting picked up from school, Anna decided she didn’t want to go to the library. She did suggest I go in and check out a movie. She was told that if she wasn’t getting out of the car, we weren’t going to be able to check anything out.
  12. Came home.
  13. Dinner, screen time, snuggles, and bedtime stories.
  14. Called my mom to finalize plans for tomorrow.
  15. Anna just figured out that her play kitchen is gone. She is not amused. But at least she seems resigned to the fact that it’s going to Baby Edward. (Who isn’t exactly a baby anymore given that he’s one, but, you know…)
  16. Now I think I’ll see if there’s something on PBS that I’ve missed, and if not, I might watch a Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen. Something mindless. (A dichotomy, I know. Must be the gemini in me.) Then off to bed to read for a bit.

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