Unemployment Day 80

  1. FitBit alarm went off.
  2. Had one of my recurring dreams about being in a new place (always lovely with lots of windows) and needing to find a tornado shelter for 15+ people.
  3. Phone alarm went off.
  4. Woke up with a headache.
  5. Took 650mg of acetaminophen.
  6. Took Anna to school.
  7. Went to Factory Coffee.
  8. Played a game on my iPad while my computer updated.
  9. Did some Perrigo work for Dr Zeller.
  10. Did some work on my leadership course.
  11. Wrote the next post for my professional blog.
  12. Made notes on future posts for my professional blog.
  13. Came home.
  14. Had a lie down.
  15. Should have taken some ibuprofen, but didn’t.
  16. Remembered that I wanted to shave before ballet tomorrow.
  17. It had been enough hours, so I took another dose of acetaminophen.
  18. Had another lie down while listening to podcasts so that I wouldn’t fall asleep.
  19. Picked Anna up from school a little early.
  20. Took Anna for a haircut.
  21. Had a nice time catching up with Sarah while she cut Anna’s hair. (Chicks! Ducklings! Turkeys! No geese though, so no chicks and ducks and geese needing to scurry…)
  22. Came home.
  23. Dinner, screen time, dance party, coloring.
  24. Chatted with my mom.
  25. Head is currently feeling mostly better. Hopefully a good night’s sleep tonight will cure it.

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One response to “Unemployment Day 80

  1. Nonna

    Here’s hoping!

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