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The Truth

You may have heard that there’s an election tomorrow.  Unless you’ve been living…  I don’t know where.  I suspect that even people in caves or under rocks are aware that there’s an election tomorrow.  And I say this every time there’s an election.  Go.  Vote.  I don’t care who you’re voting for.  Just do it.  Exercise your right to vote.

But that’s not completely true.

I do care who you’re voting for.  Of course I do.  I want the candidates I’m voting for to win.  (And you can probably guess which candidates those are.)

I’m not saying I want you to tell me.  Unless you really want to tell me.  We have a secret ballot.  Who you choose to vote for isn’t my business.  But of course I care.  I have strong opinions about the purpose of government.  In general, one candidate represents my opinions and the other doesn’t.  So I don’t really want you to vote for the other one.

But even if you’re going to vote for someone else.  Even if I don’t agree with your politics, I still think you should vote.

Even if you don’t want to vote for either of them, I still think you should show up to the polls.  You can leave that part of your ballot blank.  There’s a lot more going on this election that what’s at the top of the ballot.

There’s still time.  This election, I highly recommend Google for finding out about the people on your ballot.  I picked up the League of Women Voters non-partisan guide at the library, but I still had to Google in order to find info about the local library board and school board candidates.

The election is tomorrow.  I hope all of you who are eligible go and vote.  I’ll be at the polls* once I drop Anna off at school.

*Wearing white.  In case you haven’t figured out my politics by now.


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